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Xilmin Nerrar
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Living out of rucksacks on the west coast of Scotland
Favourite genre of music: Currently: Epic Rock. But I'll listen to pretty much anything (except most popular songs)
Operating System: LINUX! ... even if I'm betraying it by using Windows most of the time...
MP3 player of choice: NOT iTunes, scum that it be! Winamp (or xmms in Linux)
Favourite cartoon character: Guu (from Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu)
Personal Quote: In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.
I guess I should update on things here. I have now moved back in with my parents on a very temporary basis. Currently living out of rucksacks, with most of my stuff in boxes in the garage. Perhaps it says a lot about my real priorities when the computer stayed in the garage but the stuffed toys I insisted upon being brought into the house. :aww: That said, I have my laptop so it's not like I'm cut off. All I'm really missing is power and a second screen. And my laptop is proving to be surprisingly powerful for its specs.

Though I say this is temporary but I have yet to make any attempt at looking for somewhere else to move to or for a job. That would require effort! There is a prospective job with my father relating to programming, but I'm dubious about the other side of it which involves 'customer care'. I am NOT a people person!

So right now I am toying with the idea of programming relating to gaming, mostly inspired by my dad and brother. I'm dubious about that as I know my obsessions come and go. Gaming just happens to be my current one, but a few years down the line I probably won't be nearly so interested, just as my anime obsession waned previously. I'd obviously need training and qualifications to actually get a job (currently all I have is Standard Grade Computing plus a certificate in Administrative Skills), but other than how much that would cost, I'm not concerned about that. I don't believe it would take long to learn.

As I toy with this idea, I'm playing around with the toolset for Dragon Age, trying to make my own mod, trying to see if there is anything there I could see me spending my life doing. Followed a video tutorial and got the basics of the toolset down. Now I'm just adding in stuff that I think are important, which are inevitably some of the hardest stuff to do judging by forum posts. Last night I got a map to show on a separate module with working area transitions, and today I have managed to get an NPC to join my party. Not really sure what I'm aiming for as a final product. Right now I just want to get comfortable with what the toolset is capable of. Even with less than a week playing with it, I'm already getting the hang of it, even scripts. It's just a matter of knowing what options are available and keeping track of tags and such.

So as I do all this, I obviously am not doing art or writing. I do technically have my graphics tablet at hand but the driver CD is in the garage... in an easy to reach location but that's still outside. =p No Photoshop on here though (not sure where the install CD is), and I've never been overly fond of Gimp. As to writing... I did attempt something based on Minecraft, but it was... bad (to put it mildly) so it's best to pretend that never happened. I blame all that writing for Uni killing my ability to write imaginatively.

In other news: I completed Abe's Oddysee for the first time ever! YAY! Toyed with drawing something just to commemorate this moment but as I said before, that would require going outside. How long have I had that game for? :roll: Least I managed it eventually. Only saved 70 out of 99 mudokons but at least I got the good ending! :D

Also: I saw a black squirrel! Well, to be fair, it was a black blur, chasing a grey squirrel/blur at high speed through the trees. Adorable! This was while I was staying over at my brother's place just outside London before driving north. Yes, I know, new invader to this country, bad news for the ecosystem and all that, but so cute! :XD:

Yup, that's all my news. Computer games and rodents, the focusses of my life! I'm sure something else must have happened, but it clearly wasn't important enough to remember. ;)
  • Mood: Bemused
  • Listening to: Batman Begins soundtrack
  • Reading: Little People by Tom Holt
  • Watching: Battlestar Galactica (again)
  • Playing: my own barely functioning Dragon Age mod
  • Eating: sultanas

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